You Are Not Alone....... There is Hope!

In today’s world many adolescents and young adults feel lost, confused, and pressured to fit in with their peers. Often times, the young person will turn to alcohol and drugs to alleviate the stress they are experiencing in life and to ease their pain and discomfort. Other times, adolescents and young adults turn to drugs and alcohol to enhance their experience in life and to simply have fun.

As a result of their substance use, the young person’s behavior might change. They may appear more withdrawn, agitated, and irritable. The same things that interested them before are no longer as appealing. At home there may be more conflicts or fighting. While at school, the young person may perform poorly or not even attend classes. Ultimately, parents begin to feel a loss of control and helpless. Many times, families feel alone and have a difficult time finding a therapist or even professionals that can help.

Allison Zito Basham, LPC provides a supportive and safe environment for adolescents, young adults, and their families to explore the causes and concerns around substance abuse and dependency.



Psychotherapy can greatly improve your mental well-being. Allison Zito Basham, LPC is a highly trained professional who specialize in treating substance abuse, substance dependence, and co-occuring disorders. Let us work together to bring balance and enjoyment back into your life.

The Practice

Opening up your soul to a stranger requires a great deal of trust. Our practice provides a comfortable and private setting for you to share your feelings with us.