Drug Screening

When a young person has had problems with alcohol and drugs, Allison Zito Basham, LPC believes it is important to have reliable data to determine if they are remaining abstinent. What doesn’t work is basing it off of how we feel. For example, many parents will say, “When I feel like I can trust you, I’ll let you have the car back”. The problem with this statement is feelings change. Also, one parent might feel differently than another. To prevent this, Allison Zito Basham, LPC utilizes a laboratory called Drug Scan. The laboratory provides a detailed analysis of the individual’s urine. This is the reliable data used to assist with building trust in the family and to allow the young person to gain privileges.


Allison Zito Basham, LPC is not a laboratory and only provides drug screening to clients involved with counseling in her practice.

For parents or clients who are seeing Allison Zito Basham, LPC for counseling, you may download the drug screen procedure paperwork. This will assist you in collecting the drug screen, fees, and what information is needed to utilize your health insurance. For more assistance please feel free to contact us.