Family Counseling


The family as a whole is a system that works and operates together. Families often develop specific coping skills and ways of functioning to co-exist in a household. When any part of the family system is in trouble or not functioning in a healthy way the whole system suffers. There are many factors in life that may cause the family to suffer including, death, divorce, moving, substance abuse, sibling conflict, parental conflict, and any other life events that bring about stress or other strong emotions.

Family sessions typically last about 80mins and the frequency of appointments will depend on your families need for counseling. It is important for all who are involved in the process to attend and participate in the process.

Allison Zito Basham, LPC will work with each family member to create balance and peace within the family system. She will assist families who have been impacted by the young person’s substance abuse in rebuilding trust and understanding how the family can continue to encourage and promote change.