Initial Assessment

Allison Zito Basham, LPC conducts an initial evaluation, in order to better understand the needs of each individual. All who are involved in the process are encouraged to attend a hour and half evaluation (i.e., parents and young person). The process of the evaluation includes, initially meeting with everyone who will be involved with the process, meeting with the young person privately, meeting with the parents and/or guardians privately, and then meeting with everyone to discuss recommendations and/or results of the evaluation.

The purpose of the evaluation is to collect information about the young person to assist with recommending the appropriate level of care. Allison Zito Basham, LPC encourages participation from the whole family to gain insight and understanding from each person’s perspective.

Please contact her for additional information or to set up an evaluation.


Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Allison Zito Basham, LPC also provides drug and alcohol evaluations for treatment placement, schools, attorneys, and probation officers. The process utilized to conduct an initial evaluation is utilized to conduct an alcohol and drug evaluation. The alcohol and drug evaluation places more emphasis on the young person’s use of substances. A letter will be provided at the clients request upon completion of the alcohol and drug evaluation.

The State of Georgia has specific requiremnts for individuals who have been charged with driving while intoxicated and the credientials required by the evaluator. Allison Zito Basham, LPC is not DHR certified. Please consult with your probation officer and/or attorney about these requirements before scheduling an appointment with Allison Zito Basham, LPC.